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Yes by! We are honorary Newfoundlanders!

Yes by! Shobha and I are super happy to become honorary Newfoundlanders. Myrtle Hodder Kelly and the Crew – God Luv yer cotton socks for all the love. We loved every minute of the plantified version of the screech-in ceremony. The whole party was a surprise for us. We wet our feet in the Atlantic […]

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Theresa found freedom from disabling arthritis, acid reflux and on her way to cutting down on pills & bills.

4-week Update on Theresa. She adopted a plant-based lifestyle after attending the Gift of Health Workshop in Jan 2018. 1. Theresa has no more upset stomach. She found freedom from abdominal bloating and acid reflux. She used to take Zantac for acid reflux on a daily for a long time. After cutting the meats, dairy […]

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Wendy and Travis Lost 27 Pounds in 28 days and said Goodbye to Chronic Pain.

27 pounds gone in 28 days! Woohoo, Travis and Wendy! Want to see what they ate to get their health back? See the pics of foods that follow their inspiring journey. Travis and Wendy have a strong history of heart disease and diabetes in their families. Travis’s dad and his grandfather both had heart attacks […]

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Raise awareness about the connection between food/lifestyle choices and health.

Help you reach your highest health.

Create and foster healthy environment for our children.

Decrease unnecessary suffering on our planet.

Gift of Health Workshop

Why manage your diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease with pills if you can REVERSE or CURE it with delicious and nourishing Food?

Upcoming Workshops

16nov(nov 16)3:00 pm184:30 pmStop Dieting, Lose Weight, Prevent and Reverse Disease with Food3:00 pm (16) - 4:30 pm (18) NST The Merge, 38 Queen StreetEvent Type :Workshop

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16th - 18th November: Program for losing weight, reversing diabetes, heart disease and arthritisLearn more