Mango Salad

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With summer there comes the bounty of mangoes. It is the time when my breakfast is mango, lunch is mango and supper is mango.

Needless to say, I love mangoes. If they are raw, you can use them in pickles, or dals. If they are sour you can add them to rice to make mango rice. If they are soft and juicy you can add them to milkshakes, ice cream or just suck the fruit (trust me there is so much joy in just sucking the entire fruit and it is an art). If they are super sweet you can make mango cream and if they are moderately ripe you can make salads out of them

Here’s a refreshing salad that can tantalize your taste buds and is super simple to make.

  1. Pick two moderately ripe mangoes where the outer skin is still tough or green. Peel them and cut them lengthwise separating them from the middle seed. You don’t want the mango to be too soft or mushy.
  2. Pick a small or medium bell pepper of any color – red, green, orange, or yellow. I usually pick red or green to give a nice contrast to the salad. Use only half of the pepper and slice it into thin long pieces. Use 10-12 slices for the salad
  3. Pick a medium red onion and slice one-fourth of the onion into long pieces. Use 8-10 slices for the salad.
  4. Chop 10-15 mint leaves. Around 3 tablespoons
  5. Combine mango, pepper,  onion slices and chopped mint leaves
  6. If the mango is sweet, you do not need any dressing but if it little bit tart drizzle 1 tablespoon of peach white balsamic vinegar. I get my balsamic vinegar from the hats Olive Tap
  7. Dry roast 10-15 raw cashews and toss over the salad
  8. Enjoy!!!





2 moderately ripe Mangoes
1/2 red bell pepper sliced
1/4 red onion sliced
3 Tbsp chopped mint
10-15 cashews
1 Tbsp White Balsamic vinegar
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