February 13, 2018

Wendy and Travis Lost 27 Pounds in 28 Days and Said Goodbye to Chronic Pain

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27 pounds gone in 28 days! Woohoo, Travis and Wendy!

Want to see what they ate to get their health back? See the pics of foods that follow their inspiring journey.

Travis and Wendy have a strong history of heart disease and diabetes in their families. Travis’s dad and his grandfather both had heart attacks multiple times. Travis was recently told by his family doctor that his blood sugar is in the prediabetic range which really concerned him. He had numerous struggles to lose weight and keep it off.

The young couple wanted to get their health under control and decided to attend the Gift of Health Workshop after Christmas. Wendy and Travis noticed the following changes in the first four weeks after the workshop.

  1. Travis used to have troublesome leg swellings that got worse as the day progressed – Now the swelling in the legs is gone and he has no more aching pain in his ankles.
  2. He used to have severe pain in his knees. He was on the waitlist for a knee replacement. His knee pain is completely gone. He used to climb up the stairs one step at a time now he’s able to run up the stairs; he surprised his family members with how fast he could climb.
  3. Travis says that the energy he has is unbelievable. Previously he used to come home and have supper and then just lie down. Now with his increased energy levels, he has taken up the challenge of renovating his house.
  4. Wendy used to have severe back pain on a daily basis for several years from slipped discs in her back. By cutting out the animal-based foods and adding the healing plant-based foods the inflammation in her body is much decreased and she does not have any back pain anymore.
  5. Wendy’s abdominal bloating is now history.
  6. Wendy’s cravings for sweets and Travis’s cravings for soda are also gone.
  7. Wendy feels much stronger when she’s doing her regular workouts.
  8. The young couple lost 27 pounds in four weeks. Travis is down 19 pounds (with no exercise) and Wendy is down eight pounds in just four weeks.  (In the above picture, Wendy and Travis are holding the replicas of the amount of fat that they lost in four weeks of eating plant-based).
  9. They are not missing meats. They are enjoying cooking and trying various plant-based foods.

Their families are amazed by how well they’re doing. Their five-year-old loves potatoes and veggies. He is happy that he does not need to eat meat anymore.

Attending the Gift of Health workshop was a Christmas gift that Wendy and Travis gave to each other. After the workshop, they adopted a whole food plant-based way of eating centred on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts and seeds.

Here are some of the foods they had that helped them reclaim their health.


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