April 1, 2018

Yes B’y! We Are Honorary Newfoundlanders!

Post by giftofhealth

Yes b’y! Shobha and I are super happy to become honorary Newfoundlanders. Myrtle Hodder Kelly and the Crew – God Luv yer cotton socks for all the love.

We loved every minute of the plantified version of the screech-in ceremony. The whole party was a surprise for us. We wet our feet in the Atlantic Sea Water. We had homemade bread with molasses and partridgeberry jam. We learned lessons about the Newfoundland flag. We had fun rolling off common Newfie sayings. Myrtle and her crew (Marie and Jessie) improvised the ceremony to accommodate our preferences. We had plant-based bologna (Seitan). We kissed the lips of cabbage from Clarence Senior’s farm (lol), and we drank the Newfie spring water from Ida Burkitt’s well.

We had fun saying the Newfie tongue twister, “Indeed we do me old cock and long may your big jib draw.”

Then we got the Newfie Ceremony certificate – Woohoo!
Myrtle – Thank you for the most beautiful quilt. We will cherish it for ages.

It was followed by Jessie Cluett reading the funniest Newfie poem.

Oh my, then it was time for a super big feed of over 30 different delicious plant-based foods. (Pics below)

Here is what was on the menu –
1. Devilled Potatoes
2. Cauliflower Wings
3. Potato Salad
4. Mustard Salad
5. Pulled Pork (Jackfruit) Sandwiches
6. Tofu Egg Salad
7. Bean Salad
8. Corn Salad
9. Asian Stirfry
10. Burrito Bowl
11. Barbecue Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos
12. Calico Beans
13. Taco Cups
14. Sweet and Sour Carrots
15. Stewed Beans
16. Tofu Nuggets
17. Baked Beans
18. 7 Layer Dinner
19. Spaghetti Pie
20. Oatmeal Cookies
21. Coconut Chocolate Bites
22. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
23. Date and Walnut Balls
24. Molasses Cookies
25. Fresh Fruit
26. No-Bake Pecan Bars
27. Cole Slaw
28. Veggie Beanie Loaf
29. Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad
30. Quinoa Salad Platter with Wraps
31. Bakeapple Jam
32. Chilli
33. Vegetable Stew


After all the food we blowed like a sculpin!

We are truly blessed to be officially included to be part of the Newfie family.

Photo credits: Florence Harnett!

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