April 12, 2020

What I Learned from My Digital Detox Experience

Post by giftofhealth

I noticed that my screen time over the last few days was more than my average usage and I wanted to take a break.

So I gave myself a fun challenge.

One and half-day (36 hours) of Digital Detox At home.

No screens – no TV, no iPad, no cellphone and no computer.

Here is what I did with time
1. Read
2. Reflected
3. Meditated
4. Yoga
5. Ate Super healthy food
6. Wrote
7. Just enjoyed being with myself
8. Walked
9. Exercise
10. Spent quality time with family.
11. Slept

It was quite a rejuvenating and refreshing experience to take a break from the digital world and reconnect with myself at a deeper level.
My mind is clear and I feel happier, centred and energized.

I enjoyed it so much I am thinking about doing it once every couple of weeks.

I highly recommend giving yourself extended breaks from the screens and connect with your deeper self and your family.

Wishing you the best of Health and Happiness,
Dr. Arjun Rayapudi

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