December 9, 2017

Shane Lost Weight and Lowered His High Blood Pressure in 3 Weeks

Post by giftofhealth

We are over the moon for Shane Foote. He participated in the Gift of Health workshop that we did three weeks ago. We met with Shane at our house today. His blood pressure dropped 30 points, and he dropped one medication that he’s taking for high blood pressure. He has no more acid reflux. His energy levels are up. Sleep is improved. He is holding 12 pounds of replica fat that he lost in the last three weeks while eating more food than before. He is reading nutrition labels when shopping and not falling for the tricks of the food companies. He is enjoying the new lifestyle change. We wish him continued success in reaching his health goals. Shane will be joining us to share his inspiring journey at the next Gift of Health workshop on January 12, 13th, 14th. More details about the workshop can be found here:

Way to go Shane! We are so happy for you.  Join us in celebrating Shane’s success. Share his story to inspire and pass along the Gift of Health.

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