July 5, 2020

Sandi and Ralph shed 60 pounds, said good bye to acid reflux and high blood pressure with Plant-Based Lifestyle.

Post by giftofhealth

“We weren’t feeling the best in November 2018. Our cholesterol numbers and blood pressure were creeping up. So we started our search to find how we could take control of our health. It was then we saw the Gift of Health website. We decided to give the recipes a try and cut back on our meat consumption and dairy intake. I was a cheese-aholic. While we were not 100 % plant-based, we were beginning to feel better. Since we knew we didn’t want to end up on medication, we decided to attend the workshop with Gift of Health in June 2019. It was the best gift we could give to ourselves and each other.

We are loving our new Plant-Based lifestyle! Our blood pressure levels are phenomenal, Cholesterol levels have improved, and we have way more energy than ever before. Even though we didn’t change because of weight, so we have lost 60 lbs between the two of us. The food allergies believe it or not have disappeared!! And no more antacid medication and heartburn!

“The support from Drs. Arjun and Shobha and Gift of Health group have been second to none. We don’t think we would have been as successful without it. We have also made great friends who we reach out for cooking tips or just a suggestion when we are faced with challenges. The challenges we have faced so far include; when we go on holidays, to make things simpler, we just brought our own food! We have learned how to change things up when eating in restaurants; it is totally doable!! But when our children and grandchildren visit, it has been tough. Leading by example has been our motto. We are thrilled to say our daughter and family are giving a try to limit their meat and dairy consumption”.

Thank you!!

Sandi and Ralph.

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