Vegetable Lasagna

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This Lasagna is a favorite at our Gift of Health Cook outs.


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Blend first 6 ingredients in food processor until smooth. Set aside.
3. Spread ½ cup of marinara sauce over bottom of a 9×13 inch baking dish. Layer with noodles , then top with half the tofu mixture and ½ -1cup of marinara sauce. Top with another layer of noodles, remaining tofu mixture, and another layer of marinara sauce. Finish with a third layer of noodles and remaining sauce.
4. Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour. Wait ten minutes before serving.


Recipe by Dr. LeAnne Campbell, author of The China Study Cookbook.


1 14-ounce package extra-firm tofu
5 cups fresh spinach
4 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon dried basil
½ teaspoon sea salt
8 cups Marinara Sauce
1 16-ounce package brown rice lasagna noodles
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