Pancake/Waffle Mix





I tried to make many varieties of eggless, dairy-free, pancakes which turned out to be hard or not very fluffy. But this mix beats them all. I was amazed by the consistency and fluffiness.

This mix can be used as a base to make any types of pancakes – banana, blueberry, raspberry, orange, you name it. We also make waffles using this mix.

Method for pancake/waffle mix:

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl. Once made this mix can be stored in an airtight container for months but it hardly lasts that long for us. 1 cup of mix yields 4-6 pancakes.
Instead of getting oat flour from the store we usually make it in coffee grinder using traditional rolled oats.

Method to make pancakes:

Click here for making banana pancakes using the above pancake mix


8 cups of oat flour
8 cups of spelt flour
1 cup of flaxseed meal/powder
1/2 cup of baking powder