October 17, 2019

Kate said Goodbye to Severe Arthritis Pain, Lost 19 pounds, and Found more Energy in 25 days

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Kate struggled with weight since childhood. She also had severe arthritis. She attended the Gift of Health – Food as Medicine workshop three weeks ago.

This message from Kate made our day.

“I just wanted to send a quick update. I’m down 19 pounds and a whole bunch of inches. I have never felt healthier! I cannot thank you both enough for being such great mentors. You truly have given me the gift of health.”

“I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, and I have been 99.9% pain-free! A million times more energy, mental clarity, and overall happy!!”
“The park that I used to take my dog to for a walk had two benches, one at the beginning and one at the halfway point around the park. I used to have to stop and rest at each bench because my back and hips would be so painful. Now I don’t stop at all, and I can do as many laps as I like!! It’s incredible.”

“I’m so happy too, I have suffered for so long and if I had known it was only as easy as changing what I eat!!”
“Thank you sooo much!!”

Until 4 weeks ago, Kate typical meals used to be –

  1. Left over BBQ steak and vegetables
  2. 2eggs, 1 thin piece of bologna and two slices of toast
  3. Barbecue turkey burger and fries
  4. Roast beef and mashed potatoes
  5. Cheeseburgers with Rootbeer from McDonalds

Here are some of the meals that Kate had since switching to plant-based lifestyle after attending the Gift of Health Workshop.

It’s incredible how quickly the body heals.
We are so excited about Kate’s health journey. We wish her continued success.


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