December 15, 2017

Jim and Jessie – The Miracle Couple

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Jim Cluett is a Medical Miracle, and Jessie, his wife, helped the Miracle happen for Jim.
Jim was the sickest of the people who attended the Gift of Health workshop three weeks ago. Jim was on 15 different medications and insulin for diabetes, arthritis, acid reflux, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He had no strength in legs and feet. He was feeling tired and depressed.
After attending the Gift of Health workshop and changing his diet,
In 3 WEEKS, Jim is off of 30 units of insulin, stopped four diabetic pills, two blood pressure medications
and one medication for acid reflux.

Jim is down 19 pounds.
He has more energy.
Jim is able to walk like a champ for one hour a day.
Stiffness in his hip and knee joints is gone.
He is sleeping better.
Jim enjoys getting on the weight scale.

Jim’s blood sugars in the mornings, before the workshop, were abnormally high, in the range of 12 to 20 despite taking multiple medications and insulin. Three weeks later his morning sugars are ranging from 5 to 7 despite cutting 30 units of insulin and four diabetic pills.


Jessie is down 10 pounds.
She has more energy.
She’s enjoying the new foods.
Jessie has no cravings.
She loves to perk up Jim day after day.

WTG Jim and Jessie. We are super happy for you.

P.S. Jim and Jessie are holding the replica of pounds of FAT that they have lost in 3 weeks.

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