June 9, 2019

How Erin Kicked Asthma, Arthritis, Excess Weight and Ran Her First 10km Race

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This time last year, Erin was struggling with asthma, intermittent claudication (calf cramping), excess weight, chronic pains in the neck, back, knees, and other joints. She was taking a Ventolin puffer for asthma when needed, daily vitamins and supplements, vitamins C and B, Life 9 (probiotic), OmegaGize (omega 3s with CoQ10 and vitamin D), Sulfurazyme. She weighed 278 pounds and was tired of being overweight and sick.

Erin attended the Gift of Health workshop last July to work on losing weight, learn about eating healthy and nutritious foods and overcoming food addictions. She thought it would be challenging to give up meat, cheese and other dairy products.

Since the workshop, she has been able to accomplish her goals. Within a few days of adopting the plant-based way of eating, she found she had more energy and she incorporated regular exercise into her activities.

Now Erin is off of all her medications and supplements. She used to use her puffer for asthma regularly in the past. She has not used her puffer since the workshop. Erin just finished her first 10-kilometre road race without needing any puffers. SHE LOST 58 POUNDS. Her chronic pains in back, neck and calf cramping are gone.

Her friends and family members can not believe it. Her high school friend after the race said, “I can not get over how good you look.” Erin works as a dental hygienist. Her regular clients cannot believe that it is the same person that they come to see.

This is phenomenal!
We are super happy for Erin!
We are incredibly proud to share her inspiring transformation.

We wish her continued success!

Here is what Erin said just shared after her run –
“I’m no speed demon, but I did it!! This time last year, I would have never believed that I would be able to run 10kms!! I wouldn’t have been able to walk that far, let alone run!! I’ve been plant-based for almost a year now. Well even back in October when I started running at the YMCA gym, I was only able to use the treadmill for 3 mins at a time… now look at me… I ran for over an hour! The next workshop is coming up soon. Think about it!!!”

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