December 22, 2017

Emily and Adele: A mother and her daughter’s story of reversing diabetes, arthritis and inspiring their families.

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We followed up with Emily and Adele after participating in Gift of Health Workshop. The mom and daughter duo looked fantastic. They are bubbling with energy. Both of them were excited to have gone down in sizes of their clothes.

Adele was on insulin shots for diabetes. In six weeks after the Gift of Health workshop, she went from taking 82 units of insulin per day to NO MORE INSULIN. She lost 18 pounds. Her husband has been very supportive of her new diet and lifestyle. He made several plant-based dishes for her. Her husband lost 7 pounds as well. Adele’s teenage son and daughter are both are trying different kinds of foods that she is making. Adele has not felt hungry with the new way of eating, and she is happy that she doesn’t have to do portion control of foods when eating the whole plant foods. She’s loving eating more quantity of foods than before. She is coming up creative ideas to eat and live healthily. Instead of having potato chips she came up with an idea of having cucumber chips while watching TV :-).

Her mom, Emily does not need acid reflux pills anymore. She stopped taking Nexium and Zantac that she used to take for heartburn. Emily is off of her medication for high blood pressure. Emily has disabling arthritis in her hands which has significantly improved since changing to the plant-based lifestyle. Emily used to take the drug for arthritis to combat the inflammation. In three weeks, after the workshop, she went from taking one pill for arthritis every day to taking once a week. She has lost 20 pounds after adopting the plant-based way of eating before attending the Gift of Health workshop. Since the workshop, she lost another 10 pounds. She says she is feeling great and got lots of energy. Her husband has had diabetes. He is eating and trying all the foods Emily is making. His high blood sugar levels have improved, and he has more energy than before.

Way to go Emily and Adele.

PS. In the above picture, Emily and Adele are holding the replicas of the amount of fat that they lost after adopting the healthier lifestyle.

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