Sicily Spaghetti Sauce

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Cecil’s Sicily Spaghetti Sauce is the most delicious, easy to make sauce recipe and is a favourite among our GOH community. Created by Cecil Deline, this kickass sauce (rightly called so), is full of flavour and is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

You can also add finely grated seitan or chunkier pieces to get the meaty texture and flavour.

This sauce can be served over spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, penne or any kind of pasta.


  1. Combine all the first seven ingredients (listed under sauce) in a blender and pulverize it for a long time until smooth. Make sure you use a powerful blender.
  2. Empty into a saucepan and simmer it for some time.
  3. Then add finely diced vegetables and stir it till combined.
  4. The sauce will come out thick and dark.
  5. Enjoy!


For the Sauce:
6-7 medium-sized tomatoes
A handful of sun-dried tomatoes (oil-free)
2 roasted red peppers (ones bottled in water without oil)
4 tablespoons of Italian seasoning
A pinch of salt
A pinch of pepper.
1-2 tablespoon of maple syrup or agave
1 medium onion, finely diced
1 green pepper, finely diced
1 red pepper, finely diced
8 ounces mushrooms, finely diced
...or any vegetables of your choosing