Potato Bread





We are in love with our new kitchen gadget, the Cuisinart Griddler. With this comes the endless possibility of recipes for potatoes. You need only 2 ingredients: The Cuisinart Griddler and potato. (Yes, my dear!)

For those of you  who love bread and want to avoid flour, this is a good option.


  1. The griddle comes with panini plates with a flat surface on the back and waffle plates. Use the flat side. Put the settings on griddle mode, 400°F

2. Wash the potatoes. With the skin intact, shred the potatoes and spread on the flat surface. Close the lid and let it griddle for 15-20 minutes. For spice lovers, you can choose to add a pinch of chat masala to give that extra oomph!


3. You will get a crispy interlaced flat-bread. Cut them into 4 squares


4. You can use potato bread as a wrap, burger buns and also for sandwiches. Enjoy!


2-3 potatoes, shredded
Yes, only one ingredient!
For spice lovers:
Use chat masala (optional)