Jiggs Dinner

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Jigg’s dinner is a holiday staple all over Newfoundland. Traditionally served with salt beef and turkey. We are offering our plant-based version of this tasty dish. Guaranteed not to put you in a turkey coma.


  1. Soak Peas overnight
  2. Add peas to pudding bag
  3. Bring Water to boil in a large Stockpot (12 quart)
  4. Add 2 Tablespoon Salt (Salt to your taste)
  5. Add Peas pudding to pot boil for 30mins
  6. After 30 mins, Add Cabbage – continue to boil for another 30mins
  7. Add Carrot and Turnip – Continue to boil for 30mins
  8. Add Potatoes – Continue to boil for 45mins
  9. This whole process takes 2hrs 15mins – all vegetables stay in the pot until the end.
  10. Make your gravy
  11. Remove Peas pudding add to bowl, add a little liquid from the stockpot and pepper, mix
  12. Drain your vegetables, serve with Gravy and Enjoy!!


½ Bag Yellow Split Peas (add whole 2lb bag if you would like a lot)
1 Cabbage Medium size cut up
4 Carrots cubed - 1 per person(add another if they are very small)
1 Turnip - small to medium cubed
8 Potatoes - 2 per person
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