Jeff Novick’s Bean Burger

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Jeff Novick taught us how to create healthy meals or a burger for that matter,  just by using 5 basic ingredients – Beans, Oats, Brown rice (or any starchy vegetable), Tomatoes ( or liquid for moisture), Spice.

By following this basic recipe and varying the beans, the starch, the moisture and/or the spice you can make dozens of varieties of burgers.


  1. Mash kidney beans with a potato masher. Do not use a blender or food processor
  2. Add in the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly
  3. Divide into 4 or 5 equal parts and shape each part into a burger
  4. Let sit for few minutes in the refrigerator to set
  5. Grill on the pan or broil on each side till golden brown.


1 14oz can no salt added Kidney beans or cooked
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
2 Tbsp medium hot salsa
2 Tbsp Tex Mex seasoning
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