January 9, 2019

Our Teenage Son Improved His Vision and Got Rid of Eyeglasses in a Week

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Our son, Shakthi, has been wearing eyeglasses since he was six years old for nearsightedness (myopia). Since his childhood, his eyesight gradually worsened, and the thickness of his glasses (lens) increased. He started with the power of – 0.75 eight years ago, and his most recent lens power was -2.75 (a month ago).
During our last trip to India, Shakthi improved his vision and got rid of the glasses. He got holistic eye treatments by Dr. Padmlochan at the Art of Living Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore. It was amazing to see how quickly Shakthi’s vision improved, 40% improvement within four days. Dr. Padmalochan and his team have combined time tested ayurvedic treatments and modern/advanced diagnostics.

Dr. Padmalochan beautifully explained

  1. The scientific basis of holistic eye treatments
  2. Proper eye hygiene
  3. Importance of our food and lifestyle choices on the health of our eyes
  4. How and where our modern medicine went wrong with the way we provide eye care. In our medical school, we spent over 1000 hours learning about eye diseases, but we did not hear that most common eye problems like myopia, cataracts and astigmatism can be managed/reversed/cured without needing any surgery or glasses.

The focus of Dr.Padmalochan’s holistic eye care was on

  1. Addressing the cause of vision problems
  2. Strengthening of various muscle around the eyeball and
  3. Improving the function of the cells of our retina (rod cells and cone cells)

We saw people from all over the world of various age groups from age 4 to age 70 getting eye treatments and improving vision within a few days to weeks.

Many thanks to our friends Pamela and Antoine for referring us to Dr. Padmalochan.

Shakthi is happy that he does not need to wear glasses anymore. He also noticed that his basketball skills improved without glasses. His vision is not fully restored, but it is 75% better in just one month. He is sticking with his daily eye exercises and eye care regimen. We will be returning to the eye center in a few months for a recheck and repeat treatments.

We loved staying at beautiful Meeravanam. While Shakthi got his eye treatments, we enjoyed soaking in the energy of the magnificent Art of Living ashram.

In this video we shared our experience on day 4 of the eye treatment.


Here is a link to the treatment facility in Bangalore, https://www.srisritattvapanchakarma.com/

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