December 17, 2017

Chris and Wayne are Setting a Good Example for Their Grandkids on Healthy Eating

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Chris (Christine) and Wayne are setting an excellent example for their grandkids on healthy eating. They attended the Gift of Health Workshop a month ago. We followed up with Chris and Wayne over the phone last week. Both of them are feeling wonderful. They’re losing weight and enjoying the plant-based lifestyle. They are delighted with the progress they have made so far. Chris is down 10 pounds, and Wayne said that his pants are falling off.

They are helping out in taking care of three grandkids, a four-month-old, two-year-old and a four-year-old. The grandchildren are trying the foods that Chris is making. The four-year-old finished a bean burger yesterday, and he wanted a second one. Here is a screenshot of our conversation about this.


Chris is enjoying cooking. She had tried and made several different new recipes that she has never made before. She is sharing the dishes and recipes with her neighbours who are enjoying them as well. Their pantry is stocked up with the spices and staples. They got their hands on an Instant Pot, Vitamix, Acti-fryer and a deep nonstick pan.
Last week, their four-year-old grandson wanted to have moose soup. Chris made moose-less soup with beans and veggies and used the same spices that she would use in her moose soup recipe. Her grandson loved the moose-less soup and asked for seconds.
Way to go Chris and Wayne. Excellent job on introducing fruits, vegetable soups, and bean burgers to your grandchildren instead of processed and sugary foods and unhappy chicken nuggets.
We are super happy for you and your grandchildren.

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