February 17, 2018

Theresa Found Freedom from Disabling Arthritis, Acid Reflux & Is On Her Way to Cutting Down On Pills & Bills.

Post by giftofhealth

4-week Update on Theresa. She adopted a plant-based lifestyle after attending the Gift of Health Workshop in Jan 2018.

1. Theresa has no more upset stomach. She found freedom from abdominal bloating and acid reflux. She used to take Zantac for acid reflux on a daily basis for a long time. After cutting the meats, dairy products and adopting a whole food plant-based way of eating she hasn’t taken any Zantac for an entire month, the first time in several years. She had the majority of her stomach removed for stomach cancer a few years ago. She used to have a chronic bacterial infection called H. Pylori in the stomach on her follow up tests. Her most recent test (a few days after starting the plant-based diet) showed no H. Pylori infection on the stomach biopsy.

2. Theresa used to take medication for crippling arthritis in her hands and legs. She used to have trouble buttoning her and unbuttoning her coat because of disabling arthritis. Just before Christmas, Theresa bought a pedal bike, and she could not turn the wheels of it just for one time due to arthritis. After 4 weeks of plant-based eating, now she can cycle for almost 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Theresa is feeling great. She has more energy and is able to carry out her household activities with ease and walk longer distances.

4. Theresa is down 13.4 pounds in four weeks.

5. Theresa had a heart attack in the past and had to have stents in her heart blood vessels. Her blood pressure also used to be elevated. Her high blood pressure has reversed. Her cholesterol was high in the past until she was put on a statin drug by her family doctor. She could not take statins as she developed cramps in her legs. She used to spend $250 per month on medications. She’s going to see her family doctor in the next few days for repeat blood work and is looking forward to cutting down on the intake of pills and medical bills.

Way to go Theresa! We wish you continued success in your health journey.

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