December 13, 2017

Sheila Cured Acid Reflux and Reversed Inflammation in 3 weeks

Post by giftofhealth

Sheila struggled with disabling heartburn for decades. It was typical for her to take up to eight TUMS per day along with a pill called Losec twice a day to keep the acid reflux under control. In the last three weeks, since attending the Gift of Health weekend workshop and changing her food choices, her acid reflux is gone. She does not need Tums and other acid reflux pills anymore.

Sheila finds that she has more energy. She used to have to stop and take a break for a moment while coming up the stairs; now she doesn’t have to stop anymore. Sheila also struggles with chronic pains from inflammation her body which has improved by over 50% in the last three weeks. As an added bonus she lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks while eating the most colourful and tasty foods.  In this pic, Sheila is holding the replica of the amount of fat she lost so far.

Sheila will be retiring next week. We are happy that Sheila will be easing into her retirement with superior health and more energy.

Way to go Sheila. We wish you the best of health and a happy retirement!

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