September 30, 2019

Randy Lost Weight, Got off Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Medications and Reversed Arthritis

Post by giftofhealth

We are excited to share Randy’s inspiring Gift of Health journey.

Randy struggled with high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, excess weight and was on multiple medications. He was also getting short of breath while doing his usual activities.

After attending the Gift of Health workshop, Randy and his wife Pamela adopted a plant-based lifestyle. His body started healing within a few weeks.

Here is what his proud wife shared about Randy’s journey.

” Randy has lost 30 lbs. and feels great. He is off of cholesterol and blood pressure medications. He has more energy and is more focused (brain fog has cleared). No more pain and inflammation in his arthritic knees. At times when he’s wavered off course he notices the difference right away which  keeps  both of us motivated.”

We are super happy for Randy and his family and wish them continued success.


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