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For years, I struggled with my weight and health issues and tried many diets before. Gift of Health experience has changed my life. I am off of my diabetic pills. My HbA1c went from 8.9 to 6.4. I no longer need medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My acid reflux is gone. I am down 60 pounds, have more energy and enjoying my time with family with full health.

- Frank Newport

My high school friend said, “I can't get over how good you look.” I lost over 70 pounds and finally met the weight goal that I have been struggling to reach for 15 years. I am free from asthma, chronic back pain, and even ran a 10-mile race. This time last year, I would have never believed that I would be able to run!! Forget about running, I wouldn’t have been able to walk that far!!

- Erin Farrell

    1. Have you been diagnosed with a chronic disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, gut issues, or arthritis?
    2. Are you struggling with losing weight and keeping it off?
    3. Do you want to live a happy and healthy life enjoying everything you want to experience without relying on medication or a crazy new diet?

For most people, a chronic disease diagnosis feels like a life sentence, and leads to endless doctor visits and bills.

High blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux, obesity, heart disease -- BILLIONS of people worldwide suffer from these health conditions on a daily basis. These are the culprits forcing amazing people to stop their careers, shortcut their dreams, and in many cases, lose their lives.

As if the physical toll isn’t great enough, the financial effect is staggering. Many of us can’t afford to miss work because of their financial responsibilities at home. Mountains of doctor bills, insurance claims, specialist visits, and a cabinet full of new medications are expensive to cover -- and the stress alone can be fatal.

The heartbreaking reality is that the people fighting their health conditions aren't the only ones affected. Friends and family are the ones left suffering as their loved one fights for their future. Every moment spent fighting a disease or diagnosis is a moment they’re not free to celebrate birthdays, make memories, or even enjoy a favorite meal together without the cloud of illness overhead.

It doesn’t have to be this way....

“But, I don’t have heart problems.
I’m just tired of carrying extra weight…”

Even if you aren’t facing a chronic disease diagnosis, there’s still tremendous frustration when it comes to losing weight. “I can’t seem to just get rid of this weight for good! This isn’t working for me!”

Maybe you’ve tried every form of diet under the sun, grueling exercise programs that don’t seem to produce great results, and before you know it, you’re back eating that last slice of cheesecake at 2 a.m. - not that ANY of us have ever done that…

Whether you’re ready to admit it or not - this is a dangerous path, but you know that. You don’t need anyone telling you again how bad it is to carry extra weight, how much added risk you experience for your long-term health with being overweight… You’ve probably heard doctor after doctor encouraging you, no, begging you to lose the weight.

So, you try the diets, ALL the diets, and you experience the same results: nothing. Maybe you did lose some weight, but in almost no time whatsoever, the weight came back plus some more.

Again, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Living a healthy, vibrant life
-- even while fighting a chronic disease --
is possible with better food.

Can we share a secret? The key to getting healthier often has very little to do with doctors, medications, treatments, or even stepping foot inside a clinic.

It starts at the grocery store, in your kitchen, and on your plate.

What if all you need to regain your health is to change the way you eat? That’s it -- no new medication, no crazy fad diet, no bizarre mixture of tinctures, oils, lotions, and God knows what else…

You can begin to prevent and even reverse chronic conditions by implementing a plant-based diet for six weeks or less. Yes, you CAN lose weight, feel better, reduce your dependence on medications, and be happy, healthy, and free.

This isn’t rocket science - this is Nutrition 101 with delicious, nourishing foods that love your body better so you can live your healthiest life possible.


When my dad shared the news that his heart vessels were blocked , it broke my heart.

My dad inspired me to become a doctor. For most of his life, my dad struggled with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In March 2015, my dad started having shortness of breath and his tests showed that he had more than 90% blockages in two out of three main blood vessels that supply his heart.

One cardiologist suggested putting in stents and another cardiologist recommended bypass surgery. When my dad shared the news of his blocked heart blood vessels and his impending open heart surgery, I felt my own heart break.

“Instead of having your chest cut open, why don't you open your mouth and eat different plant-based foods that will heal your heart from the inside out?”

Yes, his heart was in BIG trouble.

On top of that, the choices his ‘experts’ offered him were risky procedures. I said, “Dad - instead of having your chest cut open, why don't you open your mouth and eat different plant-based foods that will help your heart from the inside out?”

It was a big risk for me to suggest this approach because I already felt responsibility as a doctor, but it compounded even more knowing this was my dad.

He wasn’t too excited about that, but he decided to give it a try. He embraced a plant-based lifestyle and was totally amazed! Just two weeks later, he was walking longer distances with no shortness of breath and his blood sugar control was so good that his doctor cut his diabetic pills by 50%.

Everything changed when he started eating better foods.

Within three months, my dad reversed his diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and came off of FIVE different medications. He even lost 25 pounds without doing any exercise and looked younger. In only six months, he successfully completed the heart treadmill stress test that he was previously unable to do, and most of all he avoided the risky, invasive procedures on his heart… that he didn’t need after all because he started eating better foods.

Our bodies are perfectly programmed for self-healing. All we need to do is provide the right conditions.

Hi, we are Drs. Arjun and Shobha Rayapudi, Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians and the creators of the life-changing “Gift of Health” workshops. Our work was featured in the documentary “Plantify,” broadcast on the national Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) TV.

We have helped thousands of people prevent and reverse chronic diseases, end the frustrating dieting cycle, lose weight, get off medications for good, and find freedom from the ever-rising costs of drugs and medical bills.

The secret? The quality of food you give to your body.

Food is often more powerful than medicine and surgery.

While sometimes medication and surgery is necessary, we have found that food is more powerful than surgery. The most impressive miracles we’ve seen are because of simple dietary changes.

When you pay attention to how food affects your health and sense of well-being, that simple shift in focus can bring about remarkable results. Nurturing your body with foods that love you back can solve many ailments, diseases, and chronic conditions.

Food is consistently more powerful than medicine when it comes to reversing chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, auto-immune conditions, and gut diseases, such as acid reflux and irritable bowels. In fact, when it comes to heart disease and the consequences of diabetes, such as diabetic ulcers, there are many instances where food is even better than surgery.

We’ve seen it work time and time again. It starts with the Gift of Health.

I used up all my sick leave, and I had to go on long-term disability for a while. Now, I can move around without much pain in my knee, and I am back to work full-time.
I suffered from irritable bowels and diarrhea daily as long as I can remember. Since I started following the Gift of Health way of eating my bowels are not an issue anymore.

- Beverley Legge

The Gift of Health Workshop

This Is Your Invitation to Prevent, Arrest, and Even Reverse Health Conditions Through Food

The Gift of Health is a six-week online experience helping you take charge of your health, break free from disease and drugs, and change your destiny through better food.

Traditional medicine takes a symptom-obsessed, band-aid approach to chronic diseases with drugs and procedures that don’t address the root cause.

The Gift of Health is a revolutionary new approach to health that strikes the root cause of the disease: diet and lifestyle choices.

More than 90% of the patients we see in clinics and hospitals are due to diseases caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices.

We have seen time and time again that a plant-based lifestyle, backed by thousands of studies, has been safer and more effective than medications and surgery to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Some of you may be saying, “No way, I could never do that!” -- Just hold on!

You sound like most of the people that come to our workshops. They are concerned that they have to give up their favorite foods and eat like a rabbit and yet nothing could be further from the truth.

We invite you to give it a try for yourself for 6 weeks. And if you don't notice amazing results and feel a whole lot better, you can always return to the way you have been eating.

There are three core pillars of The Gift of Health Program

  1. Go from confusion to clarity on exactly what you need to eat, what myths you may be believing about nutrition and mindset, and how the human body is wired for true health through great food.
  2. You will know how to make better choices because you better understand disease processes and the impact of food on fighting and reversing health conditions.

  1. Once you understand what to eat, you will learn how to implement changes to ‘plantify’ your diet with as seamless of an experience as possible.
  2. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods -- and we can show you how!
  3. You will also have the confidence to maintain your new diet lifestyle on the road, under more stressful situations, and in more social situations.
  4. We can help you adopt the right mindset for sharing why you’re making these changes when friends and family members ask.
  5. Most importantly, we show you how to overcome those late-night cravings so you keep your momentum going!

  1. You need a great infrastructure and a plan of action in every area of life: at work, at home, on the go, and even when you’re traveling.
  2. Our Gift of Health approach puts you in the driver’s seat for how much support and encouragement you need from other like-minded individuals on the same journey towards better health. We can connect you in a trustworthy community where you’ll feel safe, accepted, and loved for who you are. It’s hard enough making lifestyle changes - let us be with you every step of the way!

" I have lost 30 lbs and was able to stop taking medications for diabetes since adopting a plant based lifestyle after attending the gift of health workshop in March 2016. The inflammation in my joints has disappeared as well. Attending the Gift of Health Workshop has changed my life. "

--Brenda Gleason

What’s Included With The Gift of Health?

There are six key modules of The Gift of Health…
Module 01

Taking Charge of Your Body

Understanding your body is foundational for reversing and preventing chronic conditions in your body. Our bodies are perfectly designed to heal as long as we provide the right conditions. Module 1 is where we study how the body functions, the root causes of chronic diseases, and food’s role in causing or preventing chronic diseases from affecting your body.

Module 02

Take Charge of Your Food

There are countless food and dieting myths online today -- how do you know what actually works? Module 2 is where we examine which foods cause you to become fat, sick, and tired -- and which foods will love you back by giving you amazing health. You’ll learn the principle of calorie density so you can eat more, weigh less, and feel fantastic.

Module 03

Plantify Your Life

Module 3 will show you how to ‘plantify’ your life, creating a specific plant-based way of eating to support your specific health conditions. Commit to your plan for six weeks to see optimal results and you may be amazed!

Module 04

Skill Power vs Willpower

“How do I find the right foods in the grocery store?”
“How do I prepare great plant-based meals when I’m super busy?”
“How do I handle all of my troublesome cravings?”

These are all massive questions you WILL face once you make the decision to plantify your life. We all have a finite amount of willpower, so how do you build the skillpower to help you stay on track and love the way you feel without falling off the wagon?

That’s where Module 4 is your new best friend. We will show you how to read food labels, pick the right foods, easily prepare meals in a short amount of time, and fight off those troublesome cravings with your Cravings Escape Plan.

Module 05

Wellness Anytime and Anywhere

“How do I plantify my life when I’m travelling?”
“What do I order at restaurants now?”

Plantifying your life doesn’t have to stay home when you’re away. You can create conditions for maintaining your new way of eating every single day. Wellness anytime anywhere means you know what to order at restaurants (that actually tastes good!) and how to eat well on the road, even with colleagues or extended family.

We’ve all been plagued by those who mean well but really are uninformed when it comes to our own health. Learn how to deal with people who don’t understand your new way of eating, including your mother-in-law. When someone rolls their eyes or gives you a hard time, you’ll know how to respond with confidence and ease. Stay on your plan and continue restoring your health anytime, anywhere.

Module 06

Grow with Your Tribe

“I’m the only person I know who’s doing this!” Sound familiar? It won’t be that way with The Gift of Health. We connect you with other like-minded health-conscious individuals as your own support community to help you keep on the path of health and steer away from temptation. You’ll get access to new recipes, ideas, and tips to make plantifying your life easier than you may expect. Get the support and encouragement you need when you need it to sustain your plantified life well into the future.

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