Frequently Asked Questions - 6 Week Online Course

  • 1. When does the Online Course Start?
    The next course start date is always reflected on the top banner of the website homepage and also on the 6 week course Food as Medicine page.
  • 2. What is the format of the course? Is it delivered live/virtual or at your own pace?
    It is being delivered virtually. Once you register for the course you have access to the course membership site right away. Every week we will be releasing new modules that can be done at your pace and during your convenience. We also offer live support for 6 weeks during specific time frames. Once purchased, the course materials and course membership site is yours to keep forever.
  • 3. What kind of support will there be throughout the duration of the 6 weeks?
    We will be holding two live sessions every week to support you and address any challenges that you may be facing and come up with an action plan specific to your goal. You may choose to attend or not attend these live sessions. The recordings and replays of all live sessions will be posted within 24 hrs on the membership site. You will get your very own login password for the membership site which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

    You will receive 6 wks of personal support from us during the course duration. After that period the live support will be ending but you can continue the course at your own pace.
  • 4. Does the program use a lot of soy and soy-based products? I am allergic to soy.
    Plant based eating is not restricted to eating soy products. There are a lot of options to choose from.
  • 5. Will the program be easy to follow in this time of pandemic, especially with regard to getting the ingredients needed for recipes?
    We have designed the program keeping the pandemic in mind.
  • 6. What is the cost of the online Course?
    The cost of the course is $997 but payment plans are also available. You can just get started with $197 and pay the remaining amount in 6 installments or 3 installments. The contents of the membership site is for yours to keep lifelong and can be accessed even after the duration of the course.
  • 7. What is the cost for someone who already completed a Gift of Health Workshop but would like to complete the online course?
    The cost for previous members is 50% off. You will need a coupon code to apply the Discount.
  • 8. I am wondering would we be missing out on something by not being in an on-site program? I think I could benefit from tasting various foods. It looks like that was part of the on-site program from the videos I have watched on your website.
    The in person workshop has it's advantages as far as tasting the cooking during the weekend, but you are not getting the hands-on skills that you are getting in the 6 week course. Each week we are introducing new things for you to cook, learning as you go. building your foundation to ultimately a very successful outcome. You are going to be able to cook plant based and know exactly what to eat and start your new healthy life.
  • 9. Can my spouse do the course with me? What is the cost?
    We are offering a special if your spouse wants to participate in the course fully, we are offering a discounted rate of $1500 for two people, a savings of $500.
  • 10. What if I cannot attend the live sessions? Can I watch them later?
    We have 2 live zoom calls per week, Monday and Friday at 4pm Newfoundland time/3:30pm EST time. The live calls last for 90 minutes. They are recorded and are posted on the course site to watch later for those who cannot attend live. In the course site we have short videos and cooking demonstration videos to help you along the way. The course site and materials are yours to view even after the course is over.
  • 11. What is our cancellation policy?
    The most important thing for us is to help you reach your health goals with a healthier diet and lifestyle. There will be challenges. If you follow the program and do the work you will overcome any challenges and improve your health.
    If you wish to cancel for any reason here is the Gift of Health - Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation prior to Live Course Start Date:

    You will have access to our course materials from the moment you sign up. If you have access to the course site and materials for 14Days or more and then you cancel, the course is 100 percent non-refundable, the student has the option of accessing the online course material and doing the course for 30days. After that time if the student is not satisfied they can then apply for a refund under satisfaction guarantee.
    If you cancel within 5 days after the course access, you will receive your full payment minus the $90.00 processing fee. You will lose access to course materials and course site.

    If a student is not able to devote time to the course as per the first 2 scenarios, a 3rd option would become available to defer enrolment to a future course date that is more convenient.

    Webinar Cancelation Rules:

    If you signed up during a webinar and cancelled the next day, your payment is non-refundable, however, the student has the option of accessing the online course material and doing the course for 30days. After that time if the student is not satisfied they can then apply for a refund under satisfaction guarantee policy..

    After Course has started:

    Once the course has started your payment is 100% non-refundable. In this instance, the “Satisfaction Guarantee will apply.” The most important thing for us is helping you reach your health goals. There will be challenges. If you follow the Gift of Health program and do the work, you will overcome challenges and improve your health. If you go through the program and do the homework for 30 days and are still not satisfied with the program, write to us, share your homework, and we will give you your money back. No ‘nagging’ questions, no hard feelings - we simply want to see you succeed.

    There will be a 90$ processing fee for refunds, wherever applicable.
  • 12. Do I have to give up diary, or meat, or my favorite foods?
    Before the course, people who reported that the most difficult thing to give up is cheese, chips, chicken, chocolate, coffee, bacon, beef, and icecream had the following results after attending the course :

    Creams and Cheese consumption decreased from 82% to 0%
    Dairy Food consumption decreased from 82% to 0%

    Egg consumption decreased from 80% to 0%
    Junk Food consumption decreased from - 95% to 25%

    Meat Intake (including fish) Decreased 86% to 12%
    87% of students achieved a 5% weight loss goal.