Testimonials from previous 6week courses.

It's only been 6 weeks, and I'm down 25 lbs, my joints are becoming much more flexible, my meds are lowered, “I have reversed my Diabetes, lowered my cholesterol and been taken off my blood pressure medication. Through the Gift Of Health course, I was able to take Hippocrates’ advise “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

“I'm happy to report that having been on the Plant-Based Diet, I avoided taking the cholesterol tablets and the blood sugar tablets, as this diet has lowered my numbers!! I have also lost 18 pounds since I started the diet!!”

“I used to take acid reflux medication everyday. After the course, I now take it every other day. I hope to eliminate it.”

In five weeks, I went from complete fatigue to waking up in the morning refreshed and ready to jump out of bed at 6am to start my day.

This course has increased my confidence, and resolve, to keep on going with positive food and lifestyle choices. Being a part of this program, a member of the group has made eating and living with gratitude and intention.

Thanks to this course I have lost 13 lbs in the last 6 weeks. I now realize that Whole Food Plant-Based is where I need to be. I now have more energy. I feel more confident about myself.

Gained more confidence, I lost weight and working to decrease and finally stop my medications. Feel Energetic.

I did the 3 day live weekend Gift of Health workshop before. I took the 6-week course This course was a great refresher for me personally. The support was amazing, the feedback about my food choices helped me get to the next level. It re-ignited the spark to my journey back to health.
Erin (4 pounds away from 100 pounds weight loss)

I loved that the 6-week course allowed me to go deeper and reaffirm the reasons why Whole Food Plant-Based works. I have access to an even stronger support system with more group coaching, live sessions and real-time feedback on my trackers.
Brenda (5 pounds away from 50-pound weight loss)

“Doing The 6-week online course allowed me to absorb so much more. It allowed me to implement what I was learning gradually. The weekly food tracking helped stop bad habits before they started and only added to my first-weekend Experience. The weekend course was like a great starter the 6week Course was the Wholemeal.”

I feel thinner, healthier, more energetic and strongly suspect, I'm no longer border-line high risk for Cholesterol levels.

All I can say is, I'm so glad I've had the privilege of this program. It's been affirming, and so helpful. It's provided a tremendous, positive perspective on whole foods plant-based eating that has made a tremendous difference in my life. With life-changing benefits not only to me but will benefit my husband. Thank you.

It is clear that your mission is to HELP everyone that you possibly can and in my opinion, it's a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! CHA-CHING!!! Your teachings and guidance were invaluable and the constant support on our Facebook group was impressive. Thank you for the enlightening 6 weeks!

The Gift of Health experience has been life-changing, literally!!!! I would and am recommending it to everyone I know!!! I feel much better mentally! I feel a fog has lifted! My brain feels sharper! I feel excited again to face whatever life throws at me! I feel vibrant and alive!!!

Big report day for me today!!! with my cholesterol to the roof in November my doctor wanted it to be on target at 2.6. Today it's 2.59. Sugar levels back then hung around 19 on average..today my sugar is 7.1 with an average of 8. that's down 10 plus points. Also, my weight loss is down 30 lbs. I am feeling great and so happy I started this Gift of health program. Thanks to Dr. Arjun and Dr. Shoba Raypudi for helping people like me get their health back..

I've had some encouraging news from my Dr in the last 2 weeks. My last bloodwork showed my A1C drop from 6.3 to 6.1 and she supported the idea of me stopping my metformin to see how my blood sugars will do with diet alone. This is a huge milestone for me. When I started this program in March, my goal was to get off all my medication. I have now accomplished that!!!

Note: Some of the names in these real testimonials were changed to protect privacy.