Testimonials from previous 6week courses.

“I have reversed my Diabetes, lowered my cholesterol and been taken off my blood pressure medication. Through the Gift Of Health course, I was able to take Hippocrates’ advise “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

“I'm happy to report that having been on the Plant-Based Diet, I avoided taking the cholesterol tablets and the blood sugar tablets, as this diet has lowered my numbers!! I have also lost 18 pounds since I started the diet!!”

I listened, I learned, I dropped 23lbs over the course of the 6 week Gift of Health course and was taken off a hypertension medication by Week 2. I am even more optimistic of my future health.

I wasn't really sure what I was signing up for. I mean how involved and how in depth this 6 wk course was going to be. It really wasn't about losing weight for me, that was just a bonus. Today, I am down a few pounds, 90% of my aches and pains are gone, I sleep better and I have no acid reflux. The learning curve was huge but I am so appreciative of how from the very beginning, how easy GOH made it. You walked us through the correct steps, giving us the knowledge and tools to become successful. I have learned how to shop and look for the correct foods, how to prepare my kitchen, and most exciting for me, I feel like I have learned how to cook delicious foods that I can share with my foodie friends and family.

It is one thing to read books about the benefits of being whole food plant based, even accumulating plant-based recipe books (as I have), and then there is the incomparable experience that I have had the privilege of attending Gift of health course.

I am back to the weight I was in my 20s (about 50 years ago!), have more energy, and generally, feel more of a 'lightness' than I have in years. I feel confident in being able to maintain this lifestyle.

I have long admired the plant based lifestyle, I have tried unsuccessfully to make the lifestyle change on my own and failed miserably. The 6 week course along with the weekly meetings, cooking demos, vast information and the guidance of Drs. Arjun and Shobha have made it possible for me to transition smoothly. I can’t thank you enough.

The 6 week course has taught me how to prepare the foods that will make me successful. I am eating a fully plant based diet even though I am cooking for my husband the standard canadian diet…... I am never tempted to eat his food. Thank you for showing me ways to do this.

The Gift of Health 6 week course gave me the Knowledge, Skills and Ability to improve my health. I am so happy to not feel daily aches and pains. I feel more empowered and optimistic to rectify my own health. My Health is My Responsibility.

I originally started this course mainly for weight loss. As I have watched all the training and the replays, my mindset has changed dramatically. I know I am not healthy but never truly considered what getting healthy meant. I jumped in at the start of the program and have cut out dairy, sugar and oil. When I came home from a shopping trip with all my good fruits and vegetables I took a picture of my newly stocked fridge and sent it to my kids, they were surprised! I was as well. I am also trying not to let the scale rule my life but I was really surprised that in the first week of eating this way I lost 3 pounds. I was shocked because I felt like I was eating a lot of food. The other big change that I’m happy to report is that I have not had any problems with Acid Reflux this week, despite having to take medication for that problem previously. I can only expect that there are more wonderful benefits to come.

“I used to take acid reflux medication everyday. After the course, I now take it every other day. I hope to eliminate it.”

I have worked in health care my entire working life. I have seen the effects of chronic and sometimes not so chronic disease on people. I have developed Type 2 Diabetes and it’s associated hypertension requiring me to take several medications on a regular basis. I have been overweight for many years and battling it almost as long usually with short term results. I had felt that I should retire sooner rather than later because I felt I would not live to a very old age and I wanted to retire before I died. Since I have started this program I feel I have a chance to live a much longer life and be free from diabetes and associated complications of heart and kidney issues etc. I will now be able to fully enjoy my retirement years in a free and happy way. Thanks Gift of Health!

I have now lost 18 pounds, well on my way to my 30 pound loss goal. My arthritis in my back has almost completely healed! I’m looking forward to continued success!

GOH has given me the courage, strength, hope & belief that I will regain and keep my health, starting with the one thing I can control now, my food. This is just the beginning of a new chapter of my life and I look forward to doing it as a healthier happy person .I also learned this lifestyle is about more than food,and look forward to learning so much more.

This course has far exceeded my expectations, I have learned so much that will be so beneficial in everyday living for self care. By improving and developing a healthier lifestyle not only for me but passing the information on to family members. The manner in which I prepare food adapting & transitioning to plant based eating and living style will happen one day at a time. I will find my why and use skill power to achieve goals. The weight loss and lowering of Meds, or elimination all together working with my DR. will help. I know the supports are in place for me to avail off...I wish to thank both of you for your dedication and passion you have shown, to make The Gift Of Life Possible..It nice to see you both care

Life was very stressful for me before I took this course. It seemed impossible to work, care for my kids, and prepare meals. I felt like life was too much and I had accepted that I felt awful all the time. My joints in my hands were so sore and stiff, my back hurt, my feet were swollen and I tried my best to keep smiling. Before this course I pretty much lived on Tim Hortons coffee, wraps and chocolate chip cookies. It took about two weeks to adjust to this way of eating. Now I feel so good. I started at almost 250lb and now I’m 231. My hands are still hurting at times but the other issues are gone. I stopped my slow release metformin and all my bloodwork is within normal range. I am happier and more confident and I can think clearly. This course is truly a gift of health and I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much.

I now understand how the foods I am eating affect my body & how I feel. I was able to feel relief from aches & pains, gain more energy, plus lose weight, and that is life changing! I was able to directly experience it through changing my diet, and that is so powerful. I know that I have the ability to help myself and heal myself with a healthy diet.

In five weeks, I went from complete fatigue to waking up in the morning refreshed and ready to jump out of bed at 6am to start my day.

This course has increased my confidence, and resolve, to keep on going with positive food and lifestyle choices. Being a part of this program, a member of the group has made eating and living with gratitude and intention.

Thanks to this course I have lost 13 lbs in the last 6 weeks. I now realize that Whole Food Plant-Based is where I need to be. I now have more energy. I feel more confident about myself.

I have gained more confidence, I lost weight and working to decrease and finally stop my medications. Feel Energetic.

I did the 3 day live weekend Gift of Health workshop before. I took the 6-week course This course was a great refresher for me personally. The support was amazing, the feedback about my food choices helped me get to the next level. It re-ignited the spark to my journey back to health.
Erin (4 pounds away from 100 pounds weight loss)

I loved that the 6-week course allowed me to go deeper and reaffirm the reasons why Whole Food Plant-Based works. I have access to an even stronger support system with more group coaching, live sessions and real-time feedback on my trackers.
Brenda (5 pounds away from 50-pound weight loss)

“Doing The 6-week online course allowed me to absorb so much more. It allowed me to implement what I was learning gradually. The weekly food tracking helped stop bad habits before they started and only added to my first-weekend Experience. The weekend course was like a great starter the 6week Course was the Wholemeal.”

I feel thinner, healthier, more energetic and strongly suspect, I'm no longer border-line high risk for Cholesterol levels.

All I can say is, I'm so glad I've had the privilege of this program. It's been affirming, and so helpful. It's provided a tremendous, positive perspective on whole foods plant-based eating that has made a tremendous difference in my life. With life-changing benefits not only to me but will benefit my husband. Thank you.

It is clear that your mission is to HELP everyone that you possibly can and in my opinion, it's a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! CHA-CHING!!! Your teachings and guidance were invaluable and the constant support on our Facebook group was impressive. Thank you for the enlightening 6 weeks!

The Gift of Health experience has been life-changing, literally!!!! I would and am recommending it to everyone I know!!! I feel much better mentally! I feel a fog has lifted! My brain feels sharper! I feel excited again to face whatever life throws at me! I feel vibrant and alive!!!

Big report day for me today!!! with my cholesterol to the roof in November my doctor wanted it to be on target at 2.6. Today it's 2.59. Sugar levels back then hung around 19 on average..today my sugar is 7.1 with an average of 8. that's down 10 plus points. Also, my weight loss is down 30 lbs. I am feeling great and so happy I started this Gift of health program. Thanks to Dr. Arjun and Dr. Shoba Raypudi for helping people like me get their health back..

I've had some encouraging news from my Dr in the last 2 weeks. My last bloodwork showed my A1C drop from 6.3 to 6.1 and she supported the idea of me stopping my metformin to see how my blood sugars will do with diet alone. This is a huge milestone for me. When I started this program in March, my goal was to get off all my medication. I have now accomplished that!!!

I cannot even count the ways this course has impacted my life. It is immeasurable. I came to this course 6 weeks ago feeling under par. I have been diagnosed with the beginning stages of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as long-standing fibromyalgia, for years suffered with acid reflux, for which I always had to have PPI’s on hand. My cholesterol levels, A1c levels, and blood pressure were climbing very close to needing medication for all three. I almost daily woke up in the mornings with a terrible headache, stomach discomfort and nausea, which often woke me during the night. Headaches were common. I was often severely bloated. Sleep has always been a huge problem for me, with insomnia and troubled sleep. My hands were swollen, my whole body often felt like there was constant underlying inflammation. I was 30 lbs overweight. I craved sweets. I was sluggish, and had brain fog, especially after eating. I often couldn’t even think straight after a meal. I just didn’t feel well. I was stressed from caregiving obligations, as I was tired and was feeling sapped of energy. I am a breast cancer survivor (of 5 years), and in the back of my mind, I felt I wasn’t doing everything I could to keep myself healthy and give myself whatever advantages I could to protect myself from recurrence. Although I was mostly plant based, I learned, through this course, that I was choosing too many calorie-dense, processed foods from the top two levels of the GoH pyramid, and those rich foods ended up providing most of my calories. I was also not completely oil-free. I learned about levels of processing, and also that I have an ‘addictive’ nature to certain trigger foods which I need to steer completely clear of. I learned so, so much from both Dr. Arjun and Dr. Shobha. I took it all in, as if my life depended on it, which I’m sure it did. Only a few days into the course, I was absolutely astounded at how amazing I felt! Within the first few days: Acid reflux is no more! Not once did I need any meds. I was having the best sleep I can remember, - goodbye to stomach ache, nausea, & headaches – all gone! The swelling in my hands were starting to go down. My energy levels were stabilizing. I felt normal after eating. Wow. I was getting excited! Now fast forward to week 6: I have energy! Real energy! I have lost 7 lbs (started at 135 lbs at 5’tall). I feel strong and healthy, no more groggy fatigue, I’ve increased my exercise routines, and am recovering faster from them. Acid reflux has not returned. The swelling, stiffness and pain in my hands are much better, and I haven’t had to take any Tylenols for pain like I had before. Not one headache, no nausea, no stomach upset. The physical changes are profound. But so are the mental changes. My optimism and enthusiasm is growing by the day! I am looking forward to a future of excellent health and energy, and as I turn 70 in a few months, I know that my 70’s will be filled with good health, and the confidence and joy that the Gift of Health has given me.

After a lifetime of being afraid of eating Carbs and thinking Carbs are bad...I’m no longer Carbphobic! I now know what foods can heal my body & and yes…. Some are Carbs!!

I’ve always been on the lookout for information on healthier eating rather dieting in the past couple of years. I have been on a diet since I was in my 20’s and I kept getting the weight on and off. When I saw the Plantify Documentary on CBC and the whole foods and positive experiences people were having, my curiosity peaked. This course has given me the education to know not only what to eat but why. This course has given me the edge of a healthier, more informed, healthier eating lifestyle not a diet!!! As I’m approaching my 60’s, I want to enter my golden years and beyond making right food choices so that I can run, walk and do any physical activity with ease and still enjoy friends and family without any debilitating health conditions. I believe that completing the Gift of Health Food as Medicine Program will help me do just that. Thank you for sharing Doctors! You are both amazing and a life line for a lot of people including myself!

I have learned about good eating habits and the harmful foods that can hurt you. I now know how to shop and cook smarter. My weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar have lowered and will continue to do so with this plant based eating.

Note: Some of the names in these real testimonials were changed to protect privacy.