GOH 6 Week Schedule

Module 1: My Body is designed to Heal -Week One
Buckle your belt to learn about Prevailing Management and solutions for chronic conditions and how our body is designed to heal.
Class Session:GOH Food as Medicine Kick Off Call
Nutrient density:Foods with highest nutrients and less calories
Class Session: Management of Chronic Conditions 101
Class session:5min Breakfast System
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Module 2: Best Fuel for My Body -Week Two
Prepare some delicious foods using foods that love you back
Class session:Calories Density:How to eat more and weigh less
New content released on course site
Class session:Nutritional myths out there- Your Questions Answerered
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Module 3: I can Eat More and Weigh Less -Week Three
Experience as you eat more and weigh less
Class Session:10 Minute Meal Systems
Watch inspiring Plant Based Journey's
Class session:Tips & Tricks to Transiotion to Plant Based Lifestyle
Class session:Nutritional Label Reading
Watch Cowspiracy
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Module 4: Skill Power Vs Will Power -Week Four
Use your skill power to shop, eat outside, attend social gatherings, lose weight, and crush your cravings instead of relying on willpower
Class session:How to Shop
Watch the cooking videos in your module
Class session:Dining Outside
Post your 10 Minute Meal System Creations
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Module 5: Create a supportive environment -Week Five
Learn how you can create a supportive environment that sets you up for success
Class session:Bringing Kids & Family Members on board
Watch the online videos to prepare for class
Class session:Cooking Demo
Post your 10 Minute Meal System Creations
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Celebrations & Next Steps -Week Six
It's time to celebarte your accomplishments and talk what's next beyond GOH Food as Medicine Program.
Class session:Sustainable Habit Formation
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Graduation Ceremony & Celebrations & What's Next!!

Class Times **4:00-5:30PM NDT /2:30-4:00PM EST /12:30-2:00PM MDT / 1:30-3:00PM CST /11:30AM-1:00PM PST
** This is a general guideline, subject to change depending on the class progress **