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Art of Living Programs on Burin Peninsula, NL 


Oct 12-Oct 14, 2018

Join Art of Living Teachers Antoine Tinawi and Pamela Gooria for the Art of Living’s Happiness Program and Art of Meditation Program!

Art of Meditation: Oct 13-Oct 14

Offered for the very first time in Burin, this 2-day workshop on Art of Meditation increase Self-Awareness, Clarity and Creativity. You can experience deep Inner Peace—the State of Samadhi and become fully proficient in just a few hours.Unlike guided meditation, Sahaj Samadhi does not require accessories nor any guidance once learned. And, generally, it takes you to a much quieter and deeper place as well.

Sahaj Samadhi means “effortless meditation”. It does not require controlling the mind like concentration meditations, nor does it require vigilant observation of thoughts and emotion like mindfulness meditation. Thus, it has been found to be easier and quicker to learn than mindfulness or concentration which require mental effort and take a longer time to master.

Anyone can learn, and become fully proficient, in just a few hours of training.

The benefits are immediate, tangible, and cumulative, and the practice itself is relaxing and enjoyable.

Art of Meditation Schedule:

Day 1 (Saturday)

1:00 pm Registration & Lunch

2 pm to 5 pm Meditation Program

5:00 pm Supper

Day 2 (Sunday)

1:00 pm Lunch (Sunday Dinner)

2 pm to 5 pm Meditation Program

5:00 pm Supper

Course Fees:

New Participants $375
Students: $275
Repeaters: $100

$50 Discount Code: S7QAAKZ5Efor Art of Meditation expires Sept 28 12 PM

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Art of Happiness: Oct 12- Oct 14

The heart of The Happiness Program is a series of yogic breathing techniques, including the Sudarshan Kriya, which reduces your stress and raises your energy, bringing you back to a clear and positive state of mind.Understanding the nature of the mind gives you a greater perspective on life that enables you to not get bothered by issues that used to create frustration, impatience, worry and more.This program has been taught to an impressive 40 million people in over 150 countries.

Art of Happiness Schedule:

Day 1 (Friday)

5:00 pm Registration & Dinner

6:00 pm Happiness Program (Day 1)

9:30 pm End of Day 1

Day 2 (Saturday)

8:00 am   Breakfast

9:00 am  Happiness Program (Day 2)

12:30 pm Lunch

Day 3 (Sunday)

8:00 am  Breakfast

9:00 am Happiness Program (Day 3)

1:00 pm Lunch

$50 Discount Code: GRRH3K6Q3for HP course expires Sept 28 12 PM


Course Fees:

 New Participants $375
 New Participants who Register Before Sep-28 at Noon: $325 with $50 Discount Code: GRRH3K6Q3 
Students: $275
Repeaters: $100



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Cancellation Policy:

Cancelling at least 1 week prior to start date: $50 non-refundable deposit will be kept, the balance will be refunded.

Cancelling within 1 week of start date: 50% of the amount will be kept, the balance will be refunded.

Cancelling once the course has started: No refund.


Transportation and Accommodation:

The course will be held in Burin, NL, a 3-hour drive from St-Johns. Transportation is not included in the package but we can help you arrange some ride sharing if needed. Accommodation is not included in the package but we can help you with recommendations and suggestions.

These are the following options available for accommodations:

1. Wheelhouse Inn (B&B)

2. Braxton Suites

3. Burin Efficiency Units

4. Marystown Hotel

5. Spanish Room (B&B)


Know the Teachers:

1. Antoine Tinawi

2. Pamela Gooria


Here is what the participants from previous Happiness Retreats are saying:

This weekend was filled with empowering people, inspirational knowledge, fun activities, beautiful music and special moments that I’ll never forget. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us all together. Thank you, thank you! -Angela

This weekend was a beautiful gift. It was an awesome experience that I felt helped to open my heart and dissolve layers that I no longer need or want. My heart feels free, open, and full of love. Thanks, Antoine & Pamela & everyone at the Art of Living & in the program xoxo. -Melinda

Pamela & Antoine – The Happiness retreat is very special! It’s the beginning of a great journey for me. The breathing techniques learned will change my life helping me transition to the next phase of my life. Thank you so much to both of you. With love, your friend -Yves

This experience really helps me to see the possibility that life has to offer. I had an amazing time with amazing people who I will be friends with for many years to come. -Emily

This weekend has been an exceptional experience for me. Not only was it very fun but so informative. Antoine and Pamela made this information so simple to understand, and made it easy for me to see myself applying these techniques in my everyday life. I had a lot of stuff to “clear out” during the Kriya breathing and I can already feel a difference in how I feel. I am so excited to see how much my life improves by this practice. Thank you!

This was a great experience, with great people and raw emotions. It opens your heart and your spirit. If you are on a self-development journey, Art of Happiness retreat is a must.  As time goes by we all collect dust on our souls. This retreat was an amazing time to dust off time and rekindle my soul. I strongly recommend it. -Reza


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october 12 (Friday) - 14 (Sunday)


Lewins Cove Community Center

Burin 50 Plus Club, 350 Main St, Burin, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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